Last year, France has consumed 399,700 tons of chocolate, a figure slightly down year on year (-2.1%). According to the latest figures from chocolate Union consumption of chocolates in France is highly seasonal: 33,565 tons of chocolate were consumed during the time of Christmas and 15,180 tons during Easter. The statistics were revealed during the five day annual Paris Chocolate Fair which started yesterday.

The three billion euro chocolate industry in France is represented by 80 companies employing over 30,000 employees. Nearly 75% of the chocolate consumed are sold in supermarkets.  France exports an average 56% of its production, mainly to other European countries. According to the statistics an adult person eats 4 grams of chocolate per day in France. When it comes to children, it is 8.7 grams per day. But the French are “small eaters” when compared to Germans and the Swiss. They consume more than 11 kilos per person per year! The consumption of dark chocolate among adult consumers reached 30% in France when the European average is estimated at 5%.

The preferred cocoa of French chocolate manufacturers comes mainly from Ivory Coast. The country is the largest producer of beans in the world. Cocoa is also vital to the Ivorian economy. This sector represents 15% of GDP, over 50% of export earnings and most importantly, two thirds of jobs (direct and indirect) and incomes of the population, according to the World Bank.

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