French Nanterre misdemeanors’ court will open on Monday a trial of the founder the collapsed Khaifa group, Abdelmoumene Rafik Khalifa , accompanied by 10 other people, including his ex-wife, Nadia Amirouche and former representatives of the company in France, as well as a trader in the manufacturing and processing of Aviation, on charges of ” bankruptcy and money theft”.

French justice is following the ” Golden Boy”, who is in Algeria, and accused the other ten people of ” misdemeanors of bankruptcy, hiding accounts and transfer of assets” , as well as sale or assignment in suspicious circumstances for many of the luxurious cars that belong to Khalifa group, and ” Bagatelle” Villa in Cannes, France, which was purchased by the company “Khalifa Airways” in July 2002 with 36 million euros, and was sold after a year with 16 million euros.

Owner of the collapsed Empire is also accused of re- numbering three planes that belong to his company with 1.7 million euros for each one of them, for the benefit of another company that had nothing to do with “Khalifa Airways”, as well as the disappearance of ten luxurious cars, as the Court is also expected to consider the distribution of real estate and stocks that were seized, for the benefit of creditors and victims in France including workers and government bodies.

Agency France Press said on Saturday that the trial of Abdelmoumene Khalifa will be on Monday, after it has been programmed at the beginning on December 20 of last year, because of the concerns that were raised by lawyers of one of the defendants, Raghed Chammagh, former aide to Rafik Khalifa, regarding the match of action with the Constitution, as the head of Room 14 for Nanterre Misdemeanor’s Court, Fabian Sredi Ghani, at the time the court “decided to postpone the judgment waiting for the opinion of the Court of appeal”, and the Supreme Judicial Authorities until December 11 to submit its reply, as the final decision to program the issue of Abdelmoumene Khalifa and his associates will be taken tomorrow.

For his part, Lazar Nasreddine, lawyer of Abdelmoumene Khalifa, the main suspect in the case of what is known as “the scandal of the century”, who was handed over to Algeria by the British authorities last December 24, and who is currently in El Harrach prison (Algiers), told Echorouk on Saturday; “The case was programmed by the French Nanterre Court for Monday, but my client assigned two French lawyers to defend him in absentee”.

Regarding the Supreme Court’s refusal for the appeals that were made by the main accused in the case of “Khalifa Bank”, the lawyer only said that his client’s case will be programmed at the Blida Judicial Council soon.