France: industrialists sign a pact with the government

Food and supermarket groups sign Thursday a “pact” with the government and NGOs to reduce the plastic packaging of their products. The partners commit themselves to reach 60% of recycled plastic packaging by 2022, against 26% today.
Bottles, trays, protective films … Packaging accounts for one third of the plastic used, but nearly 60% of that found in nature and especially the oceans. Thirteen groups, including agribusiness and supermarkets, will sign Thursday a “pact” with the government and NGOs to reduce plastic packaging, said the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Large signatory groups. Among the signatories: Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Coca Cola Europe, Danone, System U, Franprix, Monoprix, Unilever, L’Oreal, Nestlé France … representing at least half of the volume of plastic packaging used in France ( for packaging, transport or protection of products). The text includes commitments that the State, WWF and the Tara Foundation, acting as guarantors, will be responsible for monitoring.

Already initiatives for recyclable packaging. Nestlé is already replacing its boxes of Nesquik chocolate powder with 100% paper packaging. In Carrefour supermarkets, polystyrene trays will soon disappear. The cheese cut will be packed in recyclable cardboard.

They will also have to test, “and if possible develop”, commercial re-use and bulk selling models. Three “innovative solutions” per year, “tending towards a structuring and transforming character”, will be required of them, adds the text. One point of progress will be made every six months from 2021, and a report made public every year. For its part, the state “will study the implementation of financial incentive mechanisms for ecodesign”.