For the third successive year, Fowler Welch has claimed the top prize at Asda’s prestigious Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

The ambient, chilled and FMCG supply-chain specialist scooped the top award in the Domestic Carrier of the Year category.

The Domestic Carrier of the Year award recognises Fowler Welch’s work to make further improvements in on time deliveries to Asda in addition to reducing costs and on-going investments in infrastructure and training.

This is the seventh year Asda has granted official recognition to its nationwide network of third party logistics providers. In the previous two years Fowler Welch won the Primary Carrier category, as well as the Most Outstanding Service Award in 2009.

Fowler Welch managing director, Nick Hay said: “This is a major achievement and demonstrates that our culture of listening to our customers, responding to their needs and delivering continuous improvement can achieve benefits for customers year after year.

“The complexity of our work for Asda is significant. The increasing demand for day-one for day-two lead times and seven-day ordering and delivery across multiple categories makes this achievement even more notable and is truly industry leading.”

Fowler Welch was also recognised in the Innovation in Supply Chain category following its work to undertake a complete review of Asda’s inbound process in order to drive maximum load fill. This has resulted in double digit increases in inbound and outbound load fill as well as significant cost reductions especially in bakery consolidation.

Summarising Fowler Welch’s contribution to its overall distribution effort in 2013, an Asda spokesman said: “Fowler Welch has continued to demonstrate commitment to ASDA across both long standing arrangements and as part of our Supply Chain Development programmes. Fowler Welch continues to deliver a consistently top class service along with our Every Day Low Cost principles and other values. Fowler Welch has worked innovatively with our Inbound Team to improve flow of goods into ADC’s and has been collaborative with the way it has developed its Management Team for ASDA.”