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Former Leclerc of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie gets the green light for a new development


Things are accelerating for former E. Leclerc. The Departmental Commission for Commercial Development approved on Thursday, February 7, a project of 3670 m2.

“The extension of a shopping complex by creating six stores (including a food store of 850 m²) on 3,670 m² of sales”. It is on this subject that the DCCD (Departmental Committee for Commercial Development), meeting in La Roche-sur-Yon, was to take a decision on February 7th.

As announced by the mayor, François Blanchet, in council on November 19, a building permit had been deposited beforehand. And today, the project is taking shape.

6 shops and a Drive
 Unanimously (10 votes), the CDCA gave a favorable opinion to the project. It validates as follows:

a 850 m² food store
a home equipment store of 1,130 m²
a 950 m² sports shop
a parapharmacy of 450 m²
a clothing store of 250 m²
a spare parts trade of 40 m².

The commission’s report also refers to the creation of E. Leclerc Drive on 793 m². A Drive service is already proposed to the Océanis centre, so we can assume that this is actually a move of the existing.


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