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For $12.8 billion you could buy one of everything on Amazon


How much will it cost if one were to buy one from every item available for sale in Amazon? How do you calculate it? Answering to question posted on Quora, a site where people can pose questions for others to answer, a computer scientist based in Zurich gave an exact calculation. You’ll have to pay exactly $12.8 billion to buy one of everything on Amazon.

Kynan Eng, a computer scientist made his calculation on the basis of all products available on Amazon’s main website. There were a total of 479 million items on sales in the website. The average price of a product was estimated to be $26.86. The figures might not be the exact but for those who are looking for an idea on how much to spend for the entire set of products, the answer is worth. Kynan Eng has a day job as the president of iniLabs, a Zurich-based company that focuses on brain research and computers. He devotes a fair amount of time “getting diverted answering silly questions,” he said from Switzerland. Eng calls his calculations as a hobby and names it ‘amateur fictional economics.

Eng answers to questions relating to neuroscience and human-computer interaction in Quora. He has answered many interesting questions in Quora before as well. When asked how much money was spent rescuing Matt Damon in all his movies, he came up with the answer, $900 billion “plus change.” That included $100,000 for the search party in Saving Private Ryan, $100 million for space station security deployment and damages in Elysium and $200 billion for the Mars mission and rescue in The Martian.


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