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We’re delighted to send you the very first issue of our new report, Food Safety – A Global View. This publication is the first of its kind. It’s designed to provide a global view of food safety information and performance data, covering all 18 of our food categories – from raw fish to ready meals.

The report contains detailed analysis of the non-conformities identified at the time of audit against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. The report compares different countries and regions and provides unique local insights, mapping areas of strength and weakness and showcasing growth markets. Drawing on a sample of data collected from over 16,000 food audits carried out in 113 countries in 2012, it highlights important learnings on food safety issues that affect manufacturers, retailers and consumers the world over.

This publication is part of an on-going process of global improvement. The corrected non-conformities and findings it describes will help inform future policies and practices, enhancing the already rigorous safety regime we promote on behalf of food retailing. Our aim is to use this report to share knowledge and enable progress. In this way, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety will continue to deliver the very highest and most consistent standards of auditory measurement, review and guidance.