Conferences, workshops and talks at the 19th edition of Cibus 2018
(Parma, 20 March 2018) – Parma confirms its reputation as Capital of Italian Food with the
entire agri-food production and retail chain meeting from 7 to 10 May at the 19th edition of
Cibus, organized by Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare. The trade show will be an
opportunity not only to present new products for the market, but also to analyse future
scenarios of production and distribution through conferences and talks.
The first meeting will be the World Food Research and Innovation Forum on May 7,
organized by ASTER, the consortium of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government,
Universities, the National Research Centres CNR, ENEA, INFN and the Regional Union of
Chambers of Commerce. Now in its second edition, the Forum will focus on the topic of
technological challenges and their impact on the agri-food system (Biotechnologies and
the new frontiers of research).
Federalimentare is organizing various events dedicated to sustainability and innovation,
including: a round table discussion entitled “The virtuous circle of food: promotion of
resources from chain to chain,” a virtual journey into production chains that, through the
example of companies with a high degree of innovation and the evidence of scientists
involved in corporate research, will demonstrate the circularity potential of the agri-food
chain and the need to facilitate the full development of resources in food production and
other spheres. Also focused on the theme of innovation is the new edition of Ecotrophelia,
the national competition opens to students registered at university or higher education
technical institutes, in faculties relating to the food sector, that aims to promote ecoinnovation
in agri-food products; awards will go to the three best sustainable and
innovative products. Life-Food. Waste. StandUP will also be presented at the trade show.
This project concerns communication and raising companies’ and consumers’ awareness
about the prevention of food waste and surplus management along the supply chain. The
seminary “Less food waste, more solidarity” will represent an interesting opportunity for the
partnership consisting of Federalimentare (leader), Banco Alimentare and the National
Consumers’ Association to present the extraordinary results of their projects in the two
years since they started. Finally, the event “Smart European projects – sustainable results
in the agri-food sector”, about the activities of Federalimentare’s European Projects in the
area of process and product innovation, will welcome the Scientific Coordinators of the
participating European research centres.
“Italian food on foreign markets: the experience of True Italian Taste” is the title of the
conference promoted by Assocamerestero. Gian Domenico Auricchio, President of
Assocamerestero and of Fiere di Parma, and other speakers will report on the results of
the project financed by the Ministry of Economic Development in order to promote and
safeguard the value of authentic Italian agri-food products.
The IRI research institute, this year a partner of Cibus, is organizing a conference entitled
“The new frontiers of Food: what the consumer demands and the direction the market is
moving”, with a report by its General Manager, Angelo Massaro, and talks by brand name
industry and large scale retailers’ representatives.
Several meetings are dedicated to the retail world. GdoWeek/MarkUp has organized,
together with Cibus, the conference “Food 2038, how we will buy, how we will cook, how
we will eat”, which aims to explore current and future business models and changes in
people’s consumption patterns. This event was partly anticipated by #Retail2038,
dedicated to future distribution scenarios, which took place at the Deloitte headquarters in
Milan. As pointed out by all the speakers – including Francesco Avanzini (Conad), Mario
Gasbarrino (Unes), Mariangela Marseglia (Amazon), and Fabio Sordi (Selex) – the current
phase of discontinuity will lead to new, multi-varied formats with no separation between
physical retail point, online sales, and food services. All this in an experiential continuum
built through personal and digital relationships, tastings and information.
The Food Group presents three meetings in the new exhibition area, Cibus Innovation
Corner, which is dedicated to a selection of 100 among the most innovative products on
display. Short daily talks, “Coffee break innovation”, will be dedicated to the following
themes: the top innovation trends in food&beverage (in collaboration with IRI); private label
innovation in large scale retailing; new frontiers of packaging
“How the type and positioning of signs and customer satisfaction determine the financial
results of Italian large scale retail” is the title of the seminar organized by Retail Watch:
type and positioning of signs; level of customer satisfaction; economic and financial results
of large retail companies.
In Store marketing is the focus of the seminar presented by the University of Parma and
IPSOS: new consumer face recognition technology in retail outlets for personalized
promotions; experimental linear shelving with less depth but the same display space and
further topical issues in retail marketing.
In addition to retail, the meetings will also cover all food sector topics. “NEXT
GENERATION CHEF Training and enterprise: the identity of Italian Cuisine in the
international context” will discuss the role of chefs as “reference figures” capable of
influencing new eating habits. It is organized by ALMA, the International School of Italian
Cuisine, and speakers will include Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly.
Confconsumatori presents the event “New foods & new consumers, a look to the future:
how sustainability and health will change our eating habits.” Part of the conference will be
dedicated to novelty foods: insect-based foods, cultivated meat and more.
Tecnoalimenti has organized a seminar on “food defence,” that is, the activities of
prevention of, and defence against, deliberate contamination of food products, and the
specific legislation required of all companies exporting to the United States, starting from
July 2019