Food prices in Spain below the EU average

During the months of January and February, the habit of consumption of the Spaniards usually gets altered and it influences their purchase power.  Called the ‘cost of January’, this happens when the price increases in regulated products once a year and happens in January.

According to Eurostat data, food prices in Spain are 6 points below the EU average of 28. If one compare with a country similar to Spain in terms of income per capita and large food producer, such as Italy, the difference is 19 points below.

According to the consumption panel of MAPAMA the Spaniards consumed 57,920 thousand kilos of chicken during the month of January; 48,913 of pork and 23,783 of beef. Regarding fish, both fresh and frozen, there were increases in consumption compared to December: 42,764 thousand kilos of fresh fish and 12,189 thousand kilos of frozen fish were consumed in January according to the same.

As for the fruit, the seasonal ones (oranges -113,283 thousand kilos-, mandarins -52,829- and apples -48,038-) are the queens of the greengrocer sections; The grapes, on the other hand, suffer the most with a drop in sales of more than half – from 11,078 in January to 5,336 in January, according to the same sources.

Regarding the channels of purchase, the supermarket is once again the favorite of Spaniards. In particular, the supermarkets of ASEDAS distribute 43.1% of fresh chicken meat; 40.1% of fresh pork; And 31.8% of fresh beef. On the fish, the ASEDAS signs make available to the consumers 36.5% of the fresh fish that is bought in Spain; And 13.5% frozen fish. Regarding fresh fruit, ASEDAS distributes 37% of all that is consumed.

“The reason why the distribution in Spain is able to offer these prices is its efficiency, and is facilitated by the balance between formats that gives a great choice to the consumer and ensures the diversity of the assortment. In short, we are able to offer consumers a wide range of choices in terms of variety, quality, sustainability and food safety and, in addition, some of the best prices in Europe, “said Ignacio Garcia Magarzo, CEO of ASEDAS, Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-services and Supermarkets.