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Food, Glorious Food! Sainsbury’s New Ad Campaign

January is seen to be one of the toughest months of the year, when shoppers focus on everything from dry January and fad diets, to staying in and saving a few pennies. Sainsbury’s wants to change this and inject fresh energy into people’s kitchens this month by encouraging Brits to celebrate the uncomplicated joy that cooking and eating brings through its new advertising campaign.

The 60 second ‘Food Dancing’ ad shines a light on a secret but ubiquitous kitchen behaviour that represents the simple joy that can come with food. It’s that personal moment when you’re in the rhythm of cooking and dancing along to your favourite tune with no inhibitions. In a social media first launch, the 60 second ad was revealed to the nation on Wednesday January 18th on Sainsbury’s Facebook and Twitter and the full length film launched on the YouTube channel.

The upbeat ad features a unique and original track called ‘Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)’ from UK artist MysDiggi – whose first job was at Sainsbury’s and whose mum has worked in store for 29 years. Available on Spotify, the song captures the spirit of food dancing with an energetic tempo to get everyone dancing at home. The music video and TV spots involved casting real people from across the UK and features them dancing in their own kitchens, including a Sainsbury’s colleague Richard Hetherson – a ‘body pop and locking’ baker. In store and out-of-home posters will hero some of these undiscovered food dancers and their favourite foods – from disco dancing with ravioli to moshing with butternut squash and having a boogie with broccoli.

Mark Given, Director of Brand Communications at Sainsbury’s says “The excitement and energy created by our #fooddancing music film is the perfect antidote to how our customers tell us they feel in January. Why should one month of the year have less opportunity to live well than any other? Having fun in the kitchen is a big part of living well. Whether you are whipping up your signature dish or just having a cheese sandwich, making something to eat is a joy. So let’s celebrate it.”

‘Food Dancing’ is the first campaign iteration of Sainsbury’s new ‘Living Well’ platform, which seeks to bring new and deeper meaning to the long-standing ‘Live Well For Less’ brand promise. It focuses on showing the role food plays in all our lives and how it lies at the heart of living well.

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