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Fluctuating sales figures caused by unpredictable British weather


Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, comments: “Fluctuating sales figures caused by unpredictable British weather should drive home the fact that many firms must adapt their approach if they want to flourish over the coming years. Retailers were holding out for a sunny July to boost retail sales but this was dampened by a rainy end to the month.

“This clearly shows that retailers can not rely on the weather, particularly in the UK, to increase sales. But they can see a successful growth in sales, regardless of the weather, if they continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer demands. Shoppers today want to be able to buy products from their digital devices in a matter of seconds, no matter where they are in the world.

“Consumers no longer want to have to go into stores and be faced with long queues. This is backed up by recent figures released by the British Retail Consortium which show that high street footfall fell by 1.1 per cent in July compared with the same month last year. However, the high street retailers can attract customers and drive growth if they take forward-thinking steps – such as integrating their online and offline sales strategies, and offering a ubiquitous digital solution which allows them to buy products quickly and effortlessly, without the need for Point of Sales terminals.”

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