Flexico Tells the World to ‘Feel the Revolution’ at International Industry Exhibition

A leading manufacturer in the resealable, flexible packaging market, Flexico UK has been changing the rules in its industry for over 60 years. With a conventional focus on quality and practicality, and a more unique interest in the emotional side of product packaging, Flexico has been at the head of innovation in its field for some time, and will be revealing some of its most intriguing secrets at this year’s Interpack exhibition.Interpack Packaging Event Logo

Known as the world’s leading trade fair, Interpack provides guidance and inspiration for the packaging industry and all related process technologies. With over 2,700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries presenting their conceptual and technological innovations, the event will undoubtedly provide food for thought across a wide range of industries.

“Our most prominent innovations come from the idea that the success of a product often depends upon the consumer’s feelings and reactions towards the packaging,” says Paul Francis, Sales Manager of Flexico UK. “Not all manufacturers realise, for example, that subconscious emotions triggered by packaging can affect consumer choice. If a bag feels soft to the touch, or if an item with a resealable closing system makes a satisfying “click” once it is zipped or pressed shut, a consumer could be up to 28% more likely to repurchase a product.”

Boasting a whole new catalogue of products, from gas and moisture impermeable soft touch bags to the unique Zipgrip® Clicky zip closure profiles, Flexico’s latest offering has satisfying sensations at its core, and much of the manufacturer’s existing product range has been upgraded to incorporate the new finishes and closures for 2014.

“Choosing and therefore packaging a product is more of a sensual experience than people realise,” continues Paul. “From a firm which boasts over 60 years’ industry experience and constant innovation, Flexico invites this year’s Interpack attendees to discover its revolutionary developments in resealable, eco-friendly packaging solutions.”