Flexico Group’s Sensogrip Closure Takes Packaging to New Levels

Flexico Group’s Sensogrip Closure Takes Packaging to New Levels

In today’s world, we all understand the need to reduce waste and packaging, but we also want food produce to remain fresh and be easy to store. A manufacturer also wants the packaging to be attractive to customers and encourage them to choose their product above those of their competitors. Flexico Group’s Sensogrip closure meets all of those requirements, as well as many that the consumer and manufacturer didn’t realise they had.

After two years of research, Sensogrip closure has been designed to lead the market in re-sealable packaging, and the developers at Flexico are confident that they have achieved exactly that. Karine Schaefer, Manager of Flexico UK, says, “Closures for re-sealable packaging have evolved, and Flexico’s Sensogrip ticks all the boxes. It is designed to be accessible for all, is eco-designed, using fewer materials in comparison with other available closures for easy recycling, and can be integrated onto flexible packaging without compromising functionality or technical properties.”

So what is so special about Sensogrip? It boasts automatic alignment, making it easier to open and close; saving the user time. The multi-track closure is the most hermetic and reliable on the market, which is very important when it is opened and closed many times. It is also designed to be accessible to everyone, which is a bonus for the elderly or those with disabilities. In tests, 90% of consumers gave the Sensogrip fastening the thumbs up.

But why do we need to use re-sealable packaging? If your produce is stored properly, re-sealable fastening ensures it lasts longer; reducing food waste and saving money. The Sensogrip fastening is hermetic, preventing external contamination, and because the exposure to air is limited, the life of the product is extended. Because it can be integrated into such a broad range of flexible packaging the scope of products Sensogrip can be used for is enormous.

Karine Schaefer says, “We are very proud of all our products at Flexico, but the Sensogrip fastening has evolved and takes re-sealable packaging to the next level; not only for the manufacturer, but also for the consumer.”