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Five key facts about African consumers


ABO Capital announced that its CEO Zandre Campos was featured in CNBC Africa discussing the key facts about African consumers. The article entitled “Five key facts about African consumers” was originally published on CNBC Africa on December 9, 2016.

There is a vast and fast-growing consumer market in Africa. The population in Africa is growing and it is a young market. The economy is also expected to grow 50% in the next few years, creating a world of opportunity. Five key facts that demonstrate the potential of African consumers are that consumers are attached to their smartphones, they are digitally-savvy, they demand quality and are brand-conscious, consumers have money to spend, and they want a modern shopping experience.

“The rise of the consumer culture in Africa mirrors the continent’s growth into the 21st Century.” said Mr. Campos. “The facts show that African consumers essentially are no different from those everywhere else.  For smart businesses and brands, meeting Africa’s burgeoning consumer demand could also lead to dramatic growth in the years ahead.”

Zandre Campos is chairman and CEO of ABO Capital, an international investment firm that invests in companies in the healthcare, energy, transportation, hospitality, technology and real estate sectors throughout Africa. ABO’s mission is to create global value for developing countries in Africa, while contributing to their economic development.

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