A prominent Filipino supermarket announced its entry to the Canadian soil, thanks to the ever growing number of Filipino population in the Americas. Seafood City Supermarket, one of the biggest supermarkets in the Philippines announced that it would open the first grocery store in the country early next year.

Mildred Smith, the marketing manager for Seafood City Supermarket said, “Whatever culture you belong to, everybody eats seafood.” Apart from Filipinos, the newly proposed supermarket intends to lure in people who has a  love  for international cuisine as well. Seafood  City supermarket has almost 22 store in America along with some other nearby locations like West Coast and Hawaii.


One could find fresh ingredients for cooking Filipino and pan Asian dishes in the new supermarket. The first store would open at Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga, Ont., in the first quarter of 2017. The Canadian Seafood City Supermarket will include a Grill City, a Filipino barbecue fast-food joint, and a Crispy Town, which sells fried Filipino snack food.

In 2011, more than 662,000 Filipino people lived in Canada, according to Statistics Canada’s 2011 national household survey, making up about five per cent of the country’s population. In 2014, the Philippines pushed ahead of China and India as Canada’s top source country for immigrants, according to the federal agency. The Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver are home to the largest Filipino communities in Canada. There are also reports that one of the major fast food chains in Philippines,  Jollibee would also come to Canada later this year. The food giant which has more than 750 stores in the Philippines serves burgers, noodles and rice meals.



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