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FDA issues notices to dairy farmers and food importers



Three U.S. dairy ranches and two food importers were forced to bear cautioning letters from the Food and Drug Administration. The notice letters to the dairy ranches referred to animal drug violations which includes antibiotics.  The notices to food organizations in French Polynesia and Sri Lanka that exports fish and juice to the U.S. concerned violations of food safety regulations related to hazard analysis and control programs.

William W. Van Norstrand, proprietor of the Vansridge Dairy in Scipio Center, N.Y., was cautioned about the sale of an animal for food that had illicit medication deposit. FDA referenced the August 2015 deal and butcher of a dairy bovine that indicated penicillin buildup in kidney tissue of 0.058 sections for each million (ppm) in examination by the U.S. Branch of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS). The FDA’s set up resistance lever is 0.05 ppm in uncooked, consumable tissues of cows.

The FDA cautioning letter said: “The presence of this drug in edible tissue from this animal in this amount causes the food to be adulterated …” Another FDA cautioning letter went to the five partners of the Legacy Ranch #2 in Tulare, Calif., additionally over animal drug issues.  The Hawk Dairy Farm in Minerva, Ohio, was the third dairy homestead to get a notice letter, likewise with respect to penicillin buildup.

In notice letters to S.A.R.L. Pacific Tuna in French Polynesia, and to Target Agriculture in Sri Lanka, the FDA told the organizations the United States will probably decline import to their items unless they rapidly receive the office’s recommendation about Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations.  In the notice letters, FDA gives Pacific Tuna long and particular guidelines on the most proficient method to consent to fish HACCP regulations. The office gives comparative points of interest guideline to Target Agriculture on juice HACCPs.

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