Farmers urges Uk supermarkets to stock more British lamb for Easter

lambFarmers urged more UK supermarkets to support UK lamb market.  Efforts are taken by industries to reduce the amount of chilled and frozen lamb imported from New Zealand, on German discount chain Aldi will sell entirely British-grown fresh lamb on a significant scale.

The higher production costs associated with rearing lambs” out of season” in the winter months, mean it attracts a premium price. Tesco, Lidl,  Asda. Sinsbury’s, Mark& Spencer, the Co-op and Morrisons are selling New Zealand lamb this Easter. The peak lamping season is March to May, but if they get sufficient notice they can produce lamb earlier said Tom Fullick, the National Farmers Union livestock advisor.

The UK is the world’s third largest lamb exporter- after Autralia and New Zealand. The lamb consumption in the UK is typically during Easter, with an average of almost 8,000 tonnes eaten. Aldi’s fresh whole leg of British Lamb will retail at just £3.79 a kg, weakening many competitors’ half price Eater promotions on New Zealand imports.

The Co-op is offering shoppers special offer on lamb for Easter, but all the cut have been shipped from New Zealand. Fresh leg of lamb is currently half price. Morrisons is stocking 24 British lines of lamp and one imported line, for supply top-up reason. But Easter offer – £4 a kg-is a leg of lamb from New Zealand.

At Marks &Spincer, New Zealand lamb will be sold alongside new season British lamb which will be going on sale from Wednesday.The UK’s largest retailer Tesco, a major importer pf New Zealand lamb, is working closely with UK farmers to increase its offering said it will launch a trial to develop a cost of production model for lamb, along of the lines of that in the dairy industry.