FamilyMart opens store in Indonesia Cibubur outlet welcomes first customers

FamilyMart opened its first store in Indonesia, the FamilyMart Cibubur store.

■Area franchise agreement signed with Wings Group, a major local consumer goods wholesaler and manufacturer

As part of its entry into this new market, FamilyMart has signed an area franchising agreement with PT. Fajar Mitra Indah, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wings Group, a major manufacturer and wholesaler of consumer goods in Indonesia. FamilyMart will develop its business in this Southeast Asian country under this alliance.

■By combining the strengths of both companies, FamilyMart aims to create a broad base of customer support

In addition to its trademark customer hospitality fostered in Japan, and its development know-how in ready-to-eat and other products, FamilyMart has a track record in overseas operation of convenience stores dating back over more than 20 years, to 1988.

FamilyMart’s partner, Wings Group, offers a logistics network and other retail infrastructure, as well as intimate knowledge of the dining and other lifestyle preferences of Indonesian customers.

By pooling the strengths of both partners, FamilyMart aims to build up a strong customer support base in this new market.

■A product lineup of 2,700 items, including bento, sandwich and other ready-to-eat items

The FamilyMart Cibubur store opened in Depok, a residential suburb of Jakarta. In addition to non-food items and processed foods, confectionery and beverages, it features a product lineup of some 2,700 items, including bento, sandwiches, desserts and other original ready-to-eat items, as well as fast foods such as yakitori (grilled pieces of chicken on a skewer), fried chicken, hotdogs and sorbet. In particular, yakitori cooked in the shop, with soy-sauce based Japanese-style flavoring, will be one of the trademark snacks differentiating FamilyMart products.

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