Ethical Conference 2015

Ethical Conference 2015

Our second annual Ethical Trade Conference takes place at The Royal Institution today. Over 100 suppliers from across the Food, Drink, Household and Health and Beauty categories whose supply chains span up to 72 countries around the world will come together.

Addressing the topic of Securing Sustainable Supply Chains through Transparency and Partnerships, the conference will open with Karen Bradley, MP and Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime. Ms Bradley’s primary political responsibility has been to develop and drive the Modern Slavery Bill legislation, which will have implications on businesses and workers in supply chains both in the UK and overseas. Delegates will also hear from Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s Brand and Stuart Lendrum, Head of Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing, as well as external guest speakers from the UK Department for International Development, Ethical Trading Initiative and Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).

Breakout groups during the conference will enable delegates to interact, share and gain new perspectives to drive innovation in their supply chains for more transparent and collaborative ways of working to deliver benefits to workers and their businesses.The main aims of the event are to:

Engage with key suppliers to highlight the importance of transparency throughout supply chains
Highlight the partnerships that Sainsbury’s has developed and enhanced over recent months aimed at supporting suppliers, including the Gangmaster Licensing Authority
Explore the benefits of partnerships with strategic stakeholders, which can help gain a deeper understanding of challenges provide support to tackle them effectively
Share experience across supply chains and explore potential new partnerships
The Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime Karen Bradley said: “Modern slavery is a horrendous crime that has no place in today’s Britain, yet the sad reality is that it taints all of our lives. Our clothes, our food, our electronic gadgets can all be produced by those who use slave labour.

“The Modern Slavery Bill, one of the first of its kind in the world, includes a provision to address slavery in supply chains which goes further than any other legislation.

“This is a good start, but we need everyone to play a part, at local as well as national level, and to raise awareness of the issues involved. I am grateful for the excellent work being carried out by Sainsbury’s to help consign slavery to the history books where it belongs.”

0830 – 0900


0900 – 1000

Welcome and Opening Session

Judith Batchelar, Karen Bradley MP and Stuart Lendrum

1015 – 1115

Breakout discussion

1115 – 1130

Coffee break

1130 – 1215

Breakout discussion

1215 – 1300

Lunch break

1300 – 1430

Breakout discussion

1430 – 1530

Delegate survey feedback and closing remarks