Eroski’s commitment to agriculture

Eroski has increased the purchases of Ávala potato by 19% to reach 1,270,776 kilos of potatoes with Eusko Label certification during the 2018-2019 season, as reported by the company, which leads the commercialization of the Álava potato certified by the HAZI Foundation of the Basque Government.

For its part, purchases of potatoes with Euskal Baserri certification have amounted to 1,973,065 kilos during this campaign. In this way, the company has sold in total more than 3,200 tons of certified Álava potato.

“From Eroski we want to offer consumers the highest quality fresh foods and for this reason, we have been marketing the Eusko Label potato under our own Eroski Natur brand for two seasons now. The consumer values ​​more and more food from their immediate environment for its high quality and the greater sensitivity to the autochthonous “, points out the Commercial Director of Local Products of Eroski, Asun Bastida.

In total, Eroski sells more than 2,000 products from more than 300 small agro-food producers in the Basque Country, who make purchases through medium-long-term agreements that provide stability for a sustainable and highly diversified agri-food sector. In the set of economic sectors of the Basque Country, the company collaborates with 1,900 local suppliers to which it makes annual purchases of over 650 million euros.

In addition, the cooperative is the main customer of Udapa, the only producer that markets potato with Eusko Label certification. In this sense, the manager of Udapa, Alfonso Sáez de Cámara, points out that “we have collected around 275 hectares planted from our farmers in Álava, which means a growth of more than 6% of the potato area compared to 2018 The high temperatures of last summer have affected productivity and its total yield has not reached that of 2018. “