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Eroski in the Albacenter Shopping Center will close before April 30


The closing of the Eroski hypermarket in the Albacenter Shopping Center will be before April 30. This is how the company has communicated it to the unions, in the negotiation that started on Wednesday, and in which, for the moment, the exit for the workers is unknown.

Sources of Workers’ Commissions have explained to this wording that Eroski has given them the documentation that justifies the closure of the hypermarket for economic reasons. Something that UGT and CCOO will study before returning to meet with the company on February 28.

The unions still do not know the proposals for the workers, but they have requested the maintenance of the maximum number of jobs with relocations or relocations. And if not, the maximum compensation. We recall that Eroski Albacete employs 71 people who are cooperative members and 17 other employees, who are employed by others.

The company has informed the unions that on April 30 the lease agreement with the company that owns the shopping center ends and that the hypermarket will be closed before this date, in order not to renew said rent.


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