Emile Henry’s Fish Steamer Cooks Fish without the Smell

The new Fish Steamer from Emile Henry cooks fish without smelling up the kitchen.  Fish prepared in this steamer is always moist and succulent so cooks can prepare salmon or trout or any fish without adding any fats or oils. With this steamer, cooks can toss away the aluminum foil fish-cooking hack, which creates a mess and makes food taste metallic.

The #EmileHenry Fish Steamer is a beautiful serving dish that goes from oven to table.  The ridges on the bottom of the dish raise the fish slightly off the bottom so the fish steams and the snug fitting lid keeps the aromas inside eliminating any fish smell in the surrounding kitchen or oven.   The handles make it easy to carry the entire dish to the table and since the high resistant ceramic is made of all natural materials and and a neutral glaze, the steamer won’t add any taste to food as aluminum foil does.

To launch this new product, Emile Henry has partnered with #GustusVitae sea salts and artisan spice blends for a Fish Dish giveaway: http://bit.ly/FISHDISH  The winner of the giveaway will randomly be selected to receive the Fish Steamer and three containers of Gustus Vitae sea salts and spice blends: Ginger Wasabi Sea Salt, Dijon Mustard Sea Salt and Taste of Greece Spices. The prize value is $130.

Cooks can enter at (FISH DISH link) by submitting the name of their favorite fish dish and liking both the Gustus Vitae and the Emile Henry facebook pages. The contest will run from December 12 through December 18.  The winner will be announced on December 19.

Gustus Vitae is a California crafter of gourmet finishing sea salts and artisan finishing blends. Certified Non-GMO products are hand-packed in magnetic tins, and are free from gluten, soy, artificial colors or flavors, wheat, and fillers of any kind.  The Company’s mission is to share the magic of cooking. Gust Vitae means ‘Taste of Life’ in Latin.  (310) 592 5304, www.GustusVitae.com

Like all Emile Henry products, the Fish Steamer is made in France and is backed by a ten-year warranty. Emile Henry is located in the Burgundy town of Marcigny. To find out more about Emile Henry, call 302-326-4800 or visit Emile Henry USA at www.emilehenryusa.com.