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Elizabeth Shaw launches new products ahead of Easter


Famous Chocolate Brand Elizabeth Shaw has announced the introduction of new products and a redesign aimed at the upcoming Easter market. The chocolate maker claimed that by doing this, the company is bringing waves of change and novelty to the UK’s £340m Easter Chocolate market. It will launch three premium adult Easter eggs- – Milk Orange Crisp Egg, Dark Mint Crisp Egg, and the Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg (Whisky collection Egg is come from a selection of 8 finest liqueurs Chocolate from popular Whisky brands) – all have a RRP of £10.00.

Elizabeth Shaw, sticking to the brand’s core properties, introduces a new assortment of taste with honeycomb crisp and flavor in the shell of the egg, and the chocolate crisps, bringing textural difference to the fixture.

The new packaging includes a novel design which is innovative and contemporary, the company announced in its statement. To create a strong shelf presence these egg packaging boxes are having a unique lantern like shape with die cut windows and gold filigree designs alongside real ribbon handles.

The adult Easter egg market reached £108 million and accounting for 32% of the Easter market and turned out to be the only sector in growth this year and was up by 5.5% in value.

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