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El Corte Inglés designs a more sustainable packaging plan

El Corte Inglés has designed a sustainable packaging policy with the objective of using packaging that minimizes the environmental impact. For this, it has introduced several types of sustainable packaging in its stores (Supermercados El Corte Inglés, Hipercor and Supercor). These guidelines have been defined by a Sustainable Packaging Committee, formed by various areas of the company that, through various workgroups, has developed an action plan aimed at this objective.

The Spanish distribution giant has thus incorporated FSC certified paper bags into its supermarkets; complementary bags with Angel Blue certification (80% recycled material); FSC paper bags for self-service fruit and vegetables; wooden displays for them; compostable trays for packaged fruit and vegetables; FSC food paper for fish and butchery; FSC paper bags for bread; In FSC cardboard boxes, as well as compostable toast trays.

Among the measures adopted is the introduction of FSC paper bags in greengrocers, compostable trays in various fresh packaged products and FSC certified food paper. Also, in own-brand products, bottles manufactured with 25-30% of rPET in juices, gazpachos and oils, as well as milk bricks, milkshakes or juices certified by FSC and reusable recyclable plastic bags have been incorporated.


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