For the sixth consecutive year, El Corte Inglés is once again the brand that invests most in conventional media in Spain, with a figure that almost reaches 70 million euros. This is confirmed by the ranking developed by IPMARK. They are followed, still at a distance, Samsung and Insurance Hotline, which occupy the second and third place, respectively.

Although El Corte Inglés has reduced the investment by 6.93%, Samsung’s budget, which has also decreased by 3.59% compared to 2018, is almost 24 million apart. Insurance Hotline, however, has increased spending by 21.47%, which has served to advance three positions.

In the fourth position, Mutua Madrileña repeats, with little variation compared to last year (-0.76%). Volkswagen follows, with the most notable increase in investment (38.22%) in the top 10, which has made it climb from the tenth to the fifth position. The German brand also manages to be the only one in the automobile sector that manages to appear in the top ten.

In sixth place we find Vodafone. The telecommunications operator has reduced its investment by 25.55%, and therefore has fallen from the second place it occupied in 2017. Just behind it is its competitor Movistar, which has also fallen, although only two positions in this case.

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