Egg-free plant based Eggs in UK for the first time

UK’s first vegan eggs are out in the market at a whooping £7.99 per pouch price tag. Health store Holland & Barrett retails the algae based eggs is eying at the growing vegan population in the country. The egg-free-plant based eggs-replacer is made from an ingredient developed from water-dwelling algae and claims to have the same qualities of regular eggs. The makers claim that these eggs could be used to make omelets, scrambled eggs and cakes.

The vegan egg box looks similar to the normal eggs, but retails for almost four times the price of medium sized eggs sold in supermarket. A 114 g pouch, which is equal to 12 medium sized supermarket eggs, has a price tag of £7.99, while the latter could be brought for £1.75 (Tesco price). Instead of normal eggs, the packet contains yellow flour made of algal.

The vegan egg has high amount of amino acids and micro nutrients and 4.4 g of fiber per serving and thus draws more veggies into buying it despite the price tag.

Cholesterol, Allergen and gluten free – these plant based eggs has just 33 calories per serving, which is almost half of a hen’s eggs. This is appealing to people interested in losing weight and wanting a tasty alternative.

Carl Copson, category manager for special diets at Holland & Barrett said, “Eggs are a valuable source of essential Omegas and amino acids, but, because they are derived from chickens they are not suitable for those following a vegan diet.

“Vegan Egg has been specially developed to ensure that vegans can enjoy the versatility that eggs can add to meal planning and, because they contain algae, they can help to ensure that you can meet your fibre and essential amino acid needs without compromising a vegan diet.”