Edka reconstruct its store in Hückelhoven

“The Esswerk” will be part from history in a few days. Christian Gossens, who has been managing the Edeka market on Parkhofstrasse for six years, will hand over the market to his successor, Christoph Plum, on 1 January. The merchant family has so far managed two Edeka stores in Linnich and Lindern. In Hückelhoven, Plum plans to invest more than half a million euros in the new shop design. On New Year’s Eve, customers can buy from Edka Hückelhoven for the last time, then it will be on reconstruction until January 28th.

After the modernization, customers should be offered a more comfortable, clearer shopping experience. The plans were explained by Christoph Plum during a market tour accompanied, Clarity and lighting conditions should improve.