Edeka’s Christmas advertisement, the best of the Season

A Christmas advertisement from Germany’s biggest Supermarket Edeka is getting viral. The TV advertisement, gunning for the Saddest Ad Ever record has pulled in nearly 2.4m shares since it was aired a week ago. The advertisement has well passed John Lewis’ advertisement, the ManOnTheMoon, which has an aggregate of 1.3m shares. Sainsbury’s is as of now in third place with 917,907 shares.

The Edeka supermarket’s advertisement demonstrates an elderly man fake his demise to get his family to get back home for the merry season. The fairly great tragic advert produced a whirlwind of action on online networking, with mixed responses. The commercial begins with an elderly man being informed by his family that they won’t be home for Christmas this year, perhaps one year from now. In the next shot one can see him eating alone. The following cut uncovers his kids being informed of his death.

So the children, berated and most likely smashed inwardly, appear to his home for the burial service, wearing dark, only to uncover – shock! – Dad’s alive! He was simply showing them a lesson about the significance of family! ” How else could I have brought you all together? ” he asks them.

“Zeit heimzukommen,” the content on the screen reads, which means “time to come home.” The advertisement is one minute and 46 seconds long with the song Dad by Supreme Music plays in the background.