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Edeka’s advertisement criticized for fat shaming

In recent times supermarket advertisements have brought more controversies than sales, Edeka’s new TV commercial being no exception. The German supermarket’s new advertisement ‘Eatkarus’ has been viewed by more than 8 million people through various social media sites and is criticized for fat shaming. The short film tells the story of a fat boy who lives in a fantasy town where all the inhabitants are overweight, evidently because of their eating habits.

Everyone in the town eats same grey mash for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is when the boy sees a bird flying then he wants to be different. The plump boy creates his own wings to fly like the bird. After many failed attempts, he sees the bird eating berries. Boy is seen inspired by this and starts eating berries and over the time loses weight in the process.

As the advert ends, the obese boy loses his weight and is seen wearing the wings he has designed. Evidently everyone else in the town looks upon him with disgust as he takes flight and escapes the obese town by flying away.

Edeka has a separate webpage for the campaign where they provide recipe tips, videos and a BMI calculator. The supermarket chain wants to create awareness towards the need a healthy lifestyle, eating habits and the perils of obesity. But among praises this has also invoked heavy criticism.

Social media users lashed out at the supermarket saying: ‘It is discrimination. Before you know they are also starting to make fun about people with a disability, you can also promote healthy eating without ridiculing fat people.’ Edeka, in its press statement said that they never intended to discriminate against overweight people, but was trying to raise awareness about healthy nutrition.

A spokesperson said: ‘With a certain exaggeration, we wanted to shake off the daily routine of fast food and the movie’s unidentified grey mash, regardless of the size of an individual.  ‘We are aware that some people suffer from obesity because of illness, which cannot be solved with a simple diet change.’ The German supermarket chain is perhaps best known for its Christmas commercials, including a viral tearjerker commercial featuring a grandfather eating Christmas dinner all alone as none of his busy children could come over.

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