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Edeka takes up the competition with organic supermarkets

Hamburg (dpa) – Germany’s largest food retailer Edeka wants to be involved in retail in the future as an operator of organic supermarkets and takes up the competition with Alnatura & Co.

Under the name “Naturkind”, a first shop run by an independent Edeka businessman is to open in late summer in Hamburg, as CEO Markus Mosa announced on Tuesday in the Hanseatic city. Two or three more shops are planned. “This is the right way because customers are looking for specific ranges in specialist markets.”

If the concept works, it should be expanded in the co-operative group, announced Mosa. “At the start we are slow, but when we start rolling, hard to stop.”

At the same time, the entry into the drugstore market, which Edeka is pushing ahead with the regional Hamburg chain Budnikowsky, is to be continued this year with up to 15 markets, above all in southern Germany and “perhaps Berlin”. With its own drugstore’s markets, which have a more abundant assortment than departments in Edeka stores, the dealer competes nationwide against dm, Rossmann & Co.

“We are satisfied with the development so far,” said Mosa. But here, too, Edeka wanted to first convince the concept. The envisaged 50 new Edeka drugstores per year are medium-term planning, explained Mosa. “Losing is not on the agenda,” added Marketing Manager Claas Meineke.

The growth through new openings is important for Edeka because the Bundeskartellamt leaves the retail giant little scope for acquisitions in view of its already dominant market position. In addition, Edeka is in contrast to the internationally acting competitors such as Rewe, Aldi, Lidl or dm only active in the German market. If he wants to significantly expand its market position, the retail giant must, therefore, open up new business areas such as in the organic or drugstore sector. That is not without risk. Even the rival Rewe had tried in recent years, under the name Temma to establish its own organic market chain on the market, but it was ultimately failed.

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