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Edeka replaces plastic with silicone

Cosmetics packed in paper, cucumbers without plastic wrap – and now also yoghurt with reusable fresh-cover made of silicone: By not using the plastic lid, the Edeka-Verbund continues the general trend towards sustainability and wants to save more than 300 tons of plastic per year.

Many own-brand dairy products in a 500 gram cup will be available from Edeka and Netto Marken-Discount without the usual plastic lid on the shelf. With the lid, the consumer can reseal products such as yoghurt or Skyr. After that, the lid does not have to be in the trash as usual but can reuse the silicone lid.

With the environmentally friendly alternative, Edeka starts at the beginning of November with eight articles by Gut & Auspicious, Edeka and Edeka Bio. Netto Marken-Discount already offers several yoghurt and pudding cups without plastic lids. The matching reusable lid for re-closing and multiple uses are also available from November in the two-pack.

At Edeka, packaging prevention and optimization have been on the agenda for years. The strategy is, where possible, to avoid packaging consumption where possible, and otherwise uses the principle of reusable rather than disposable.

Source: wudev

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