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Edeka recalling dog food for salmonella


Edeka is currently recalling natural dog chews for its range of dogs . According to the manufacturer, salmonella has been detected in some products .

  • The recall concerns nature chews for dogs.
  • The dog snacks are sold by Edeka, Marktkauf and Netto.
  • Salmonella can be harmful to both the dog and the owner.

After yesterday (September 3) and today (September 4) already had a call back at Lidl and Netto , calls now the supermarket chain Edeka a product for dogs from the range.

According to the portal produktwarnung.e and the company Nutraferm Petfood GmbH informs currently on the recall of various natural chews for dogs . Affected by the recall are various chicken necks and pig ears.

As the company further informs, has been detected in the investigation of individual patterns of the products Salmonella . The consumption of affected dog snacks can cause diarrhea and vomiting among other animals.

The incubation period is usually 48 hours. It is necessary to take special care, as the dog owners are also at risk of infection.

Customers who have bought the affected items from Edeka , Marktkauf or Netto will receive a refund of the purchase price even without presenting the receipt.

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