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Edeka planning to build a new market in Burhave


The Edeka market in Burhave is to be replaced by a new building. The grocer and tenant Hergen Ulken has made a corresponding request to the municipality Butjadingen, which will be discussed on September 5 in the planning committee.

Accordingly, it is envisaged to build a new supermarket on a parcel, which is located behind the existing supermarket. According to the application, this should have a sales area of ​​almost 2000 square meters. That’s about twice as much as before.

In addition, 125 square meters of catering space are designated, which will again accommodate a bakery branch. According to the property sketches, the market will not be built in the depth as in the past, but in width.

Of course, the planned market will present itself in a modern and technically up-to-date state. The final design is not yet fixed, because he also likes to be inspired, says the merchant.

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