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Edeka opens first Budni drugstore

In Bremerhaven (Schiffdorfer Chaussee 18), the first Budni drugstore opened yesterday on 750 square meters of retail space, which emerged from the cooperation of the supermarket chain Edeka and the Hamburg drugstore chain Budnikowsky. For the market, a neighboring building of the Edeka Center “Vagts” was used. Edeka Minden-Hannover is thus the first Edeka regional company to be brought to life basing on to the 2017 agreement between Edeka and Budnikowsky.

According to a report by the local press, the idea of building a drugstore chain is not met with enthusiasm by all seven Edeka regional companies. Edeka Rhine-Ruhr, Hesse ring and North did not want to join, Southern Bavaria is still testing.

Edeka plans to soon open three Budni stores in Bamberg and Edeka Südwest.

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