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Edeka is interested in buying Real stores

The sale of Real is taking shape. Edeka has apparently been the first potential buyer interested in real branches and submitted an offer. The smashing of the incoming hypermarket giant begins.
Edeka has registered the takeover of about 100 branches at the Federal Cartel Office. The company takes over the markets of real estate investor Redos and the commercial giant Metro.
To which branches it is unclear. CHIP information is about branches throughout Germany. Edeka did not want to comment on the “ongoing process”. The “Lebensmittel Zeitung” had first reported on the offer.
This begins the smashing of the hypermarket chain Real. Just over two weeks ago Metro had registered the sale with the Federal Cartel Office and received the go-ahead. Metro and Redos want to break the company down into three parts.
Most of the real markets are to be handed over to potential buyers. Those interested are Edeka, Rewe, Globus and (maybe) Kaufland.

Nearly 50 branches of the Real Empire are to be continued in the second part until a maximum of 2023 under the direction of Metro. The brand Real should remain in this meantime. Gradually, a buyer should also be found for these branches and the online shop.
The third branch has 50 shops. You should stop the operation.

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