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Edeka is celebrating a plastic-free novelty but in plastic !


“Another step on the subject of sustainability”, was written in a post on the Facebook page of the Edeka branch Johansen from the Rhineland-Palatinate Jockgrim. The supermarket had introduced new wooden cutlery at the salad bar. But instead of praise the branch on the social networks scoffed in particular – because the wooden forks and knives in the picture were individually sealed in plastic.

The picture shows wooden utensils, which are individually packed in plastic. (Photo: Facebook)
Among the posts, users left critical comments:

“This is just as stupid as selling peeled fruit and vegetables in plastic packages,” complained users. Many also criticized that you could only use knives and forks together because they are welded together – even if you do not need both. Many think that the branch has to comply with hygiene regulations – but there are also more sustainable alternatives here, some users just wondered ” why not packaged in paper bags.

Edeka is not the first chain trying to reduce plastic crockery. Some supermarkets are already doing without crockery and other disposable plastic products, such as Aldi and Netto. The supermarkets thus come before the plastic ban of the EU, which enters into force in 2021.

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