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Edeka composite introduces “microplastic free” seal

In drugstore articles, environmentally damaging microplastics serve as binders, top performers or as exfoliants. With a “microplastic-free” seal, the Edeka group wants to ensure transparency in the topic of microplastics and offer customers orientation in the purchase decision. With the gradual introduction of the new seal, customers should be able to better recognize the Edeka and Netto private label cosmetics in the future.

In addition, Edeka and Netto have announced that they will replace liquid microplastics with alternatives in product formulations. The aim is to convert all cosmetics in the private label area by the end of 2020, in which the abandonment of microplastic does not bring any restriction of product performance, said Edeka.

The start with the new seal is made by skin creams and cream baths from Edeka (Elkos) and cream baths by Netto (Pure & Basic). The articles of the brand “bloom time” of Edeka are according to the company certified natural cosmetics basically free from microplastics. In addition, the Edeka group already has some 300 micro-plastic-free cosmetics in its own brand, 170 of them at Edeka, and 125 at its subsidiary Netto, according to a statement.

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