For ten years, EDEKA and WWF have been working together to make products and supply chains more environmentally friendly. What began in 2009 as sustainable fishing is today, as a partnership for sustainability, a successful model for more environmental protection in the food retail sector.

The collaboration was not only to reduce the ecological footprint of EDEKA, but also changes the market policy: whether in fish , bananas or packaging.

“The depth and scope of EDEKA’s commitment is unique: the entire company is trimmed for sustainability, our global supply chains are screened, and our customers are made environmental ambassadors on a daily basis. With 12 million EDEKA customers every day, even small steps have a big impact, “says Markus Mosa, CEO of EDEKA AG. “For the WWF, this cooperation has radiance far beyond EDEKA: we want to use the leverage effect to turn more markets. The success proves us right: Through the partnership of the last 10 years, environmental protection has become a topic in the food retail trade.

Information campaign “10 years – 100 good news”
The progress and successes of the partnership will be communicated by EDEKA and WWF from February onwards with the information campaign “10 years – 100 good news”. It runs throughout the year and will continue to mobilize customers for environmental protection.

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