Edeka and Lizengo end their cooperation. The software card provider assures that its business model is “copyrighted”.

“The distribution of the products at Edeka is perfectly legal and legally flawless,” says Lizengo CEO Tobias M. Zielke. Nevertheless, the cooperation is terminated – that was decided according to Zielke already in August. “The market customers have received our products very positively, but for Lizengo as a pure e-commerce shop, the optimization on a daily basis is more targeted.”

Microsoft had announced legal action against the vendor because Lizengo’s software cards, which Edeka found prominently priced, are related to product keys, some of which lead to China and Bulgaria, where they are tied to volume licensing and OEM licenses.

Lizengo, The Cologne-based company claims that its business model is “legally permissible”.


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