Éclat Chocolate was a nominated finalist for the 2018 Good Food awards for it Green Tea & Roasted Rice Parallel Bar. The 2018 Finalists represent the vanguard in the food industry, setting new standards for gastronomic excellence as well as social and environmental practices that have over time proven to be adopted by the rest of the industry. Each Finalist rose to the top in a blind tasting of 2,057 entries, and also passed a rigorous vetting to confirm they meet Good Food Awards standards regarding supply chain transparency, environmentally sound agricultural practices, humane animal husbandry and deep community engagement.

Éclat Chocolate is proud & honored to be nominated as a finalist for the 2018 Good Food awards. The Green Tea & Roasted Rice Parallel Bar has been recognized as a finalist in the confections category, made from ethically and directly sourced Matcha and roasted rice from Japan, this bar is inspired by nature, creating a symbiotic relationship of Roasted brown rice and green tea.

The Good Food Foundation is proud to announce the 279 companies in the running for a Good Food Award in 2018. The Finalists represent not just the best of America’s food movement, but the qualities we love most about this country: our rich cultural diversity, vibrant agricultural landscape, and the creativity and integrity of its small business owners. The 15 categories the Good Food Awards celebrate – from spirits to cheese to coffee – comprise over $200 billion of America’s gross domestic product, a greater portion than the cattle and pork industries combined.


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