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Eat without worries: Trends in ingredients at iba

Eat without worries: Trends in ingredients at iba

Whether for health or lifestyle reasons, more and more people are increasingly paying attention to the ingredients in their foods. Vegan cakes, lactose-free pastries, bread without gluten: “free from” bakery products and snacks are in demand now more than ever. At iba, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks, bakers and confectioners get to learn how they can integrate new products to score plus points with their customers. Workshops, presentations, recipe ideas, product innovations and much more will be offered in the exhibition halls in Munich from 12th to 17th September 2015.

People are increasingly complaining about food intolerances and allergies. In addition to that which is necessary, personal desire to avoid certain products, e.g. animal products is also playing an increasingly big role. “Bakers and confectioners have the unique requirement to react to their customers’ wishes using their skills and an extensive product range,” explains Peter Becker, the President of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) and the German Bakers’ Confederation. The bakers and confectioners also have to respond to new nutrition trends and diet waves. iba provides them with solutions on how to meet these needs.

Bread 2.0: Nutrition trends as an opportunity for the baking industry
Nuts, gluten, eggs or milk: The European Commission listed 14 ingredients, for which, since December 2014, also the bakers in the European Union must inform their customers if used in their products. This is because the number of allergic persons or customers with food intolerances is increasing resulting in a corresponding demand for product alternatives. Peter Becker sees this dietary change as an opportunity for the baking industry: “Bakers must respond to this demand and include corresponding offers in their product range”. For instance, instead of the conventional wheat flour, different ingredients that do not contain gluten can be used as substitutes for cereal. Currently trending is the chia seed. The seed from South America has health-promoting properties, makes dough processing easier and presents a great potential for bakers. It is not only used in refinement of bread and other bakery products, but can also be processed as a substitute for wheat flour or eggs and is therefore ideal for vegans and persons who are allergic to gluten.

Recipe ideas and tips on the use of chia seeds will also be offered by the company Chia bia (Hall B4, booth 553) which will be participating at iba for the very first time. Together with the German baker, Martin Günthner, the company developed the first recipes for chia breads in early 2014. A Chiabia recipe contest has in the meantime yielded close to 100 new recipes for bread, biscuits and bars, all which are compiled in a brochure that will be available at iba. Visitors can also try out the various products from different bakeries at the exhibition booth. More tips on the use of the trendy oilseed for bread and bakery products will also be given by IREKS GmbH from Germany (Hall B4, booth 330) and Original Chia from Denmark (Hall B4, booth 154).

Martin Braun KG (Hall A4, booth 351) will, in addition to innovative pastry recipes, present a new service for trade visitors: the Infopoint Allergens. “Using a touch screen, interested persons can review details on the precise composition and nutritional values and allergens e.g. of our products in the LMIV portal. In addition, visitors can also email themselves the current iba concepts and pastry recipes directly from the Infopoint”, says Susanne Steinfort-Klass, Head of Communications of the Martin Braun Group.

Vegan delicacies made very easy
According to estimates by the German Vegetarian Union, more than ten percent of Germany’s population is vegetarian – a figure which is steadily increasing. Reliable global figures are not yet available, but statistics show that more than one billion people around the globe do not consume meat. The German Bakers’ Confederation sees this meatless nutrition trend as a great opportunity for the industry: Together with the Bundesakademie Weinheim, the confederation advises about the importance of producing vegan bakery products and snacks and provides its members with comprehensive information material – an action that PETA, the animal rights group, recently honoured with the 2015 Progress Award. At iba, bakers and confectioners will, among other things, be given tips on how to adapt traditional recipes. In the iba forum (hall B3), Bernd Siefert, Grand Pâtissier and newly elected World Confectionery Champion 2015 will on Wednesday 16th September at 11 am demonstrate that neither milk, cream, butter nor eggs are required for one to conjure delicious cakes and pies. The new area “SnackTrendS” in hall B3 is also dedicated to the production of vegan snacks and other products. Snack experts will, in numerous workshops, take the central stage of the activity area with various presentations and shows as well as give tips on how to successfully market individual snack ideas.

The Austrian company, backaldrin (hall B2, booth 110, 111, 210, 310) has also taken the issue to heart. backaldrin has come up with different vegan snack ideas in cooperation with the TV chef and author Sebastian Copien. These range from soy spread with all sorts of berries to carrot quinoa salad. Basis of the snacks is “Vegipan”, a yeast-free, vegan whole-meal bread which is now also available as a bar. At iba, Sebastian Copien will be serving bread-snacks and will also share tips on how this can be integrated in one’s own business.

iba will be held from 12th to 17th September 2015 at the Fairground Messe München. The grounds are open from Saturday to Wednesday between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm, Thursday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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