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Eat Natural has recalls one of its fruit bars following mislabeling

Fruits and nut bars and cereal maker Eat Natural has recalled one of its fruit bars on the grounds that it contained peanuts not stated in the label. The coconut, apricots, oats and spelt flakes breakfast bar was found to contain plum and peanuts because of an assembling mistake. The item has been sold in Waitrose stores. Eat Natural pulled the item from racks and issue point ­of ­sale sees for the 4 x 40g multi­pack with a ‘best before’ date of June 2016.

Deadly risk Peanuts can bring about a possibly lethal health danger to anybody experiencing a hypersensitivity to nuts. Every year there are around 4,500 cases of hospital admissions for allergy attacks of which at least ten peoples passes away, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reports indicates.

Asda, the Co­operative and Marks and Spencer (M&S) were all compelled to recall items during the previous week over mislabeled allergen advice that could bring about health dangers to allergen sufferers. Asda needed to pull back pots of its Cheese Sauce Mix with a ‘best before’ end of November 2016 on the grounds that it contained curry sauce – containing mustard and wheat – not named on the item.

This could cause a health risk for anybody with sensitivity to mustard and/or wheat or bigotry to gluten, the FSA said. Customers with a hypersensitivity to egg were put at danger when a Marks and Spencer Vegetable Crispbake item was found to contain a little amount of egg not named in the label. The affected item was M&S’s 227g Vegetable Crispbake with ‘use by’ date of November 7 2015.

Consumers allergenic to egg were asked to give back the item to the store they bought it from for a full discount.

The Co­operative Food pulled back packs of its Loved by Us 10 Piece Empanada Selection, which contained sesame and prawns. These ingredients are not specified on the label, which implied the item was a conceivable danger for anybody with a hypersensitivity to sesame and/or shellfish (prawns).



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