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E.Leclerc Occitanie fights against plastic

The brand is pursuing a plan so that within 3 years, E.Leclerc is working hard to be an exemplary if not an icon of environment-friendly projects.

Each position, each job in the group will clearly have a CSR counter in its sights. At the same time, stores are experimenting, innovating, in tune with the national debate! Like the forty Leclerc stores in Occitanie led by Steve Houliez who collect tens of thousands of bottles every day from their customers to facilitate recycling. The experiment is done internally and will soon extend to South West stores.

In the North and Paris region too, other members are doing tests. With the idea that customers who report certain bottle formats (for the moment, have to adapt to sorting techniques according to the types of machines and existing collection circuits) receive loyalty points!

I support all these steps, and I encourage our members to go further and further (reduce packaging, recycling, increase the recycled portion, better still, switch to alternative packaging when there is another solution etc). said the CEO of the company.


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