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E.Leclerc is selling a colorless cola


Leclerc launched in mid-July a new amazing soda under its private label. At first glance, the transparent bottle seems filled with sparkling water or lemonade, but it displays on its label the symbols of an American cola. Inside, the beverage is supposed to have a taste similar to Coca, Pepsi or Breizh Cola. But if Jean’s Cola does not share their dark color, it’s because it’s colorless.

Leclerc says he had the idea to launch this translucent cola to “meet the expectations of consumers who are 82% to love the Cola but to find its composition too chemical”. In this perspective, removing dyes is logical. These substances that give their color licorice to Coca and Pepsi are the subject of controversy in the scientific world. Some believe that they are carcinogenic, others argue that the minute amounts used by these brands annihilate the slightest risk.

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