E.Leclerc is donating for food banks

in a meeting with the President of the French Federation of Food Banks, Jacques Bailet, at the headquarters of E. Leclerc to renew the support of the centers to the network of Food Banks, as a solidarity company. The head of E.Leclerc stated:

“My close collaborators (Franck Bernard, Stephan Arino and Patricia Philis, Sustainable Development project managers within the brand) are very involved in this project. In addition to a commitment to collect food, especially food, this partnership means financial support from local branches who wish to expand their storage facilities, or simply buy trucks to pick up the products offered to them good hygienic conditions”.

E.Leclerc joined the group of 14 solidarity companies of the Food Banks in 2015, and decided to continue its support for 3 new years. Among the companies associated with this partnership: the Avril Foundation, Cargill, Casino, ” la fondation Crédit Agricole “, GRDF, Pomona Group, the Monoprix Foundation, Carrefour Foundation, Petit Forestier, the SNCF Foundation, or Suez.