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E.Leclerc inaugurates its sixth automated warehouse in Sarthe

Tuesday, March 20, it was a feast day in Champagné, near the outskirts of Le Mans, the seat of Socamaine. Notable local members, members of Galec, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the president of the sign, and a part of the staff of the stores (39 + 52 drives) and the power plant were gathered to inaugurate Socamaine 4 and 5, the new buildings of this 42-hectare site. Buildings that house a 6000 m² storage tower, 42 meters high, with a capacity of 35,000 pallets with an automated preparation unit. A tool intended to support the growth of this region, which is the group’s third largest power plant, with a turnover of 1.3 billion, over the next 15 years and notably the increase in the number of drives.

The originality of the new tool, it is the first platform whose design and construction were entrusted to the Dutch provider Vanderlande, preferred to the German Witron for this mixed project that covers only half of the 15000 references of dry PGC and treated liquids by the site. “We have completed a European tour of all systems and signed with Vanderlande in 2015 for a final acceptance (in fact a verification of the capacity of the warehouse in full load, Ed) which will take place next week”, indicates Yoann Papillon, the logistics director of this site which employs 465 employees. Scarmor and Scanormande, who will also move to automated warehouses in a short time, have in turn entrusted the projects to a third specialist Ulma.

In fact, in the Socamaine project, a second tranche is planned to cover the balance of 7800 references not processed by the current tower that meets the sweet name of EGHA (Warehouse Large Height Automated). Except that the 15,000 references will not all be automated, already indicates the logistics manager, like the products in bags or perfume for example for which this system is of little interest. Another big difference, the “depalletization” is done in a semi manual process in Champagné while it is fully automatic on Witron sites.

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