E.Leclerc automates its Gellainville warehouse

Leclerc launched multichannel in 2016 with the establishment of various specialized websites, such as parapharmacie.leclerc for para-pharmaceutical products, sport.leclerc for clothing and sports accessories, macave.leclerc for wines, champagnes and spirits and finally culture.leclerc for cultural products.

“In our e-logistics business, we have seasonal peaks in production, mainly at the end of the year,” explains Cyril Baumann, Logistic Development Manager at E.Leclerc. “The manual packaging process put in place not only required a lot of manpower but it turned out to be a real bottleneck during peak activity, limiting productivity.”

Management less than 5 cm high
Leclerc also struggled with the wide range of folding cartons needed to package parcels. As many packages contain books, DVDs and games, as well as thin articles, Logilec (LOGIstique LEClerc) opted for CMC CartonWrap, a 3D auto-loader capable of adapting orders to boxes of less than 2 inches. CMC CartonWrap thus reduces the vacuum also in packaging.

On the Gellainville site, dealing mainly with cultural and parapharmaceutical products, E. Leclerc has planned an organized volume of 20,000 shipments per day for the next black Friday and Christmas peak.