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E. Leclerc arrives in the West Indies

The large-scale retail company is set to open soon in Guadeloupe and Martinique, where the cost of an average basket is 12.5% ​​more expensive than in mainland France.

“Consumers have been waiting for years,” he said during a visit to the archipelago of Guadeloupe, referring to the major strikes of 2009, a protest against the price level that had paralyzed the territory. At present, the average local basket is estimated at 12.5% ​​more expensive than its equivalent in mainland France.

The distribution giant, through a mechanism of affiliation to a local group, the Perfect group whose head office is in Martinique, will put its banner on two Super U and a hypermarket in Guadeloupe, from January 2020. He should then be established in the same way in Martinique, with three hypermarkets.

Leclerc ensures that even before the opening of the first stores, the competition, mainly large local families established historically, also affiliated with other major groups (Carrefour, Giant, etc.) and which will include two hypers in Guadeloupe and five in Martinique will have already lowered prices in its stores.


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