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E. Leclerc and Lactalis have finalized an agreement to revalue prices


An agreement on the price of milk between the E.Leclerc centers and the Lactalis group has just been finalized. It was signed with “several weeks ahead of the legal term” set for Feb. 28, as part of the 2019 trade negotiations, announced Wednesday the two companies. This revaluation of the price of milk will “have a positive impact on the income of the 12,000 or so farmers linked to the Lactalis group”, their statement added, without giving a precise figure.

On January 2, Leclerc had already announced that it had signed a tariff agreement with Danone “integrating the evolution of production costs of dairy farms into the price of milk”. On December 12th, it was the association of Bel West milk producers, Bel (Vache qui rit, Babybel, Kiri) and Intermarché cheese dairies who had announced that they had signed a tripartite agreement presented as unpublished. Two days later, Intermarché signed the same type of contract with the food group Savencia.

E.Leclerc explains that thanks to this agreement with Lactalis, “the logic of ‘value chain’ is playing out, and an independent third party will certify the level of revalorizations”. “The tariff increases related to this agreement will be fully reflected in the calculation of the price of milk for the year 2019,” says Emmanuel Besnier, president of Lactalis, quoted in the statement.

Source: ouest-france

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