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Dunnes surpassed Tesco


Dunnes Stores has surpassed Tesco into second place in the Republic’s store wars and is now just behind the market giant SuperValu. The share structures of the supermarket covering the 12 weeks ending on October 9th denotes that 22 per cent is enjoyed by Dunnes stores when compared with 22.4 per cent share of SuperValu. Tesco is third in the row with a market share of 21.6 per cent.

The latest figures shows that Aldi is performing much better, which recorded the strongest growth for the previous 3 months and its trading increased by 6.6%. Its market share can be picturised as 11.4%, just 0.2% behind its nearest competitor, Lidl. Dunnes’ ‘shop & save’ initiative is performing much better told Mr Berry. The campaign was playing a key role in persuading customers to spend more and we have seen a whopping 18% rise in the shopping trips where shoppers spend over €100 since last year. SuperValu continues to hold the number one position in Ireland, with a strong sales growth of 2.9%.

In spite of being in the third spot, Tesco has steadied the sales-ship and when compared with the previous months its business volume is constantly increasing.

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